• Mié. May 31st, 2023

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What is proton therapy and what is it for?


Dic 31, 2022

image source, SPL


Proton therapy has fewer side effects than conventional radiation therapy, experts say.

The parents of Ashya King, a British boy suffering from a brain tumor, say they smuggled their son out of the hospital where he was hospitalized in the UK, because it did not offer them the treatment they requested.

The family was found in Spain over the weekend. The parents, Brett and Naghemed King, are under arrest while the minor remains in a Malaga hospital under police custody.

Interpol had issued a European arrest warrant against the boy’s parents based on possible «negligence».

Ashya’s older brother, Naveed, explained in a video posted on YouTube that his parents read incredibly about Ashya’s illness and begged doctors at Southampton hospital in the UK to treat the boy with proton therapy, but the center only offered conventional radiotherapy.