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War of discounts: products that dropped in price in Ara, Éxito, Olímpica – Companies – Economy


May 20, 2023

Several supermarket chains in the country have announced price reductions for some of the products they offer.

The first to do so was now and they followed him Éxito, Makro, Olímpica and Colsubsidioamong others.

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Of course, the ‘discount war’ has not been limited to this type of trading company: food chains such as Burger King and Tostao’ has announced sales, as well as the Refrigerator Association, which also stated that the meat will have a reduction in its value.

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With these decisions, the aim is to confront the explosion and relieve the pockets of Colombian families, and the president gustavo petro He was the first to thank the companies for their attitude, highlighting the enormous collaboration that lower prices have on the country’s economy.

Next, we offer you excellent products that will have discounts in the most important supermarkets.

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Ara Offers:

Ara stores announced a reduction between 10% and 45% depending on the selected product. And those who will have discounts are:

– Eggs.

– Rice.

– Oil.

– Bean.

– Pasta.

– Table chocolate.

– Oatmeal.

– Milk powder.

– Home cleaning.

– Personal cleanliness.

Ara stores announced a reduction between 10% and 45% depending on the selected product.


Courtesy of Tiendas Ara

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Olympic offers:

Enabled the ‘Red Prices’ initiative, which reduced the values ​​of more than 400 products, including:

– Live.

– Meats.

– Fruit.

– Vegetables.

– Grain.

– Personal cleanliness.

– Household cleaning.

Olímpica enabled the ‘Red Prices’ initiative, which reduced values ​​in more than 400 products.


Makro offers:

In the case of Makróla offers its customers a strategy of low prices in large sizes or chains per unit and has various campaigns such as ‘Become the owner of savings with 1001 ways’.

So, you can find the following:

– Tuesday, discounts on Makro brands.

– Wednesdays and Sundays, discounts on market products.

-Liquor Friday.

– Roast Saturdays.

The store is located in the middle of Av. Boyacá with carrera 81B and they are part of the plan that the company has to positively impact its environment.


Time / Courteous

Offers of Grupo Éxito:

Announced the ‘Insuperables’ product savings campaign in all its stores in the country and in e-commerce channels. The portfolio includes more than 500 products including:

– Milk.

– Rice.

– Oil.

– Eggs.

– Pasta.

– Sugar.


– Chicken.

– Grilled chicken.

– Cheese.

– Ground beef.

– Toilet paper.

– Detergent.

– Bleach.

– Shampoo.

Grupo Éxito also announced offers.


Óscar Bernal / Archive EL TIEMPO

Colsubsidio offers

It decided to recover the prices of more than 400 products in the family basket. Applies to the brand colsubsidy and for others of lower cost. Some child products:

– Eggs.

– Milk.

– Rice.

– Sugar.

– Oil.

– Coffee.

– Tuna.

– Fruit.

– Meat, fish and chicken.

– Toilet paper.

– Softener.

– Toothpaste.

In addition, this chain continues with discount days such as ‘Harvest Tuesday’, ‘Early morning’, ‘Maxi Fortnight’, ‘Savings days’ and ‘Affiliate days’.