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Viva closes routes due to the airline’s economic crisis – Companies – Economy


Feb 3, 2023

In the midst of the business integration process carried out by Avianca and Viva, the latter airline made severe decisions in its operation in Colombia.

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According to Viva, given the complex reality that the airline faces due to external macroeconomic factors, the lack of capital injection by an investor and the wait for the definition of the Civil Aeronautics and the National Government for the integration with Avianca, the company will close some of its operations in Cali.

So things, Viva cancels the Cali-Cartagena, Cali-Santa Marta and Cali San Andrés routes.

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A few weeks ago, the Civil Aeronautics declared the nullity of the process, as a result of a substantial irregularity that would put the right to due process at risk. However, the airlines will continue to insist on the process.

«The routes that we operated from Cali were our commitment to direct connectivity of the different cities of the country with beach destinations, an effort that promoted the promise of democratization of the skies and low prices,» the company said in a statement.

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The airline also appeared that there are a total of 17 weekly flights to and from Cali that will stop operating.

“Now, with the cancellations of the aforementioned routes and the withdrawal of its base in the city of Cali, Viva will have a significant decrease in its beach destinations of 5 percent in frequencies to Cartagena; 10% to Santa Marta, and 20% to San Andrés,” added Viva.

In this way, Viva will continue with its operations in Cali by flying to Medellín and Bogotá.