• Sáb. Feb 4th, 2023

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To what extent should parents decide the treatment of a sick child?

image source, INTERPOL


Interpol issued a global alert to find Ashya King, who is suffering from a brain tumor.

At this moment, a seriously ill child lies in a bed at the Malaga maternity hospital separated from his parents, who on Tuesday were released from a Madrid prison, where they asked the courts to see their son.

It is believed that hospitalization in an unknown environment and far from the family may further compromise the health of the child. But that Deadpoint led to a dramatic saga that has kept the British on edge for days and raises ethical questions as difficult as they are profound.

Who should ultimately decide the treatment of a sick child?

image source, SHIP KING


Brett King and his wife want the boy to receive proton therapy.

Ashya King, a five-year-old British boy, has a brain tumor. His parents, Brett and Naghemeh King, took the boy from the Southampton hospital in England because they wanted alternative treatment for their son that was not provided by British social health.