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They report to the Police an attack on a student with autism in an Asturias institute

12/29/2022 at 10:11


Counselor Lydia Espina leaves the matter in the hands of the Educational Inspectorate and emphasizes her defense of «maximum respect» for any student

the possibly assault, with sexual overtones, at a high school in the Basins (Asturias) a student with a autism spectrum disorder It is for the Ministry of Education a matter that must be managed by the Inspection services of the Principality. But the mother of the victim considers that the Principality should have paid more attention to his son and warning signs They would warn that something like this could happen. In a letter sent to La Nueva España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, the minor’s mother exposed the case and regretted that the Ministry deny the student the right to an Educational Technical Assistant. «I cry but not because of what my son suffered; I cry because your hands are empty and you are complicit in these atrocities,» wrote Txaru Prendes, mother of the youngest attacked, in a letter addressed to the Principality’s Minister of Education, Lydia Espina.

Espina herself, for her part, was very cautious on the subject. «It is a matter of the educational inspection service. If it were a criminal aspect, it has a part that has to be studied by the estates that they consider,» she explained. «In these cases, normally, I cannot give an opinion because it is the educational inspectorate and the competent bodies that have to talk about them«, he clarified. The counselor, however, recalled that the Principality’s educational services always defend «the utmost respect» for any student. «Everything that has to be studied will be analyzed by the inspection,» he settled.

But Txaru Prendes, from Blimé, sometimes gets stuck in words. He has been expressing himself in drawings for a long time to get closer to the world of his son, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2017. A few weeks ago, the 12-year-old boy returned from the Blimea institute with terrible news: he stated que two young men, aged 15 and 16, had attacked him in the bathroom. According to the victim’s account, they inserted a piece of chewing gum into her anus. «This is an assault that could be branded as sexual. The objective was to harass and embarrass him with cruelty,» says the mother. The case was reported to the National Police and is awaiting trial.

a wicked joke

The victim’s world, due to their diagnosis, is different from that of their peers. According to Txaru Prendes, «he did not quite understand what happened initially. As he saw the attackers laugh, he hoped it was a joke». Little by little, they have been able to explain what happened. «He is much more upset than usual and does not want to talk about what happened,» said the mother. She added: «We I would like, in addition to what justice dictates, that the two students receive an exemplary punishment in the center».

The events took place at the Blimea Secondary Education Institute (IES). Specifically, in one of the toilets during a time change. «He always has to go to the bathroom during the break, because changes make him nervous,» Prendes said. The alleged attackers, he explained, «were not just anyone. They were known, they know about their condition (of the boy’s diagnosis); my son suffered aggression, vexation, dyscaphobia, violation of the right to receive good treatment like the rest of the classmates, humiliation and sexual crime».

The young man is relatively calm these days, in the middle of the Christmas holidays. «We are afraid that it will be very difficult for him to return to class after this break, now that he understands what has happened», declared Txaru Prendes. His classmates, in the first year of ESO, await him with open arms: «They have always supported him», says the mother, who is expecting a exemplary punishment.