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The toilets that help Haitians grow their food


Dic 30, 2022 , , ,
  • Lorraine Arroyo
  • BBC World, Port-au-Prince

Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, Frantz Francois’s garden is probably the greenest place in Cité Soleil, the poorest neighborhood in Haiti and where, at first glance, it’s hard to find a tree.

But Francois had a hard time attracting his neighbors to the vegetables they grow because the fertilizer he uses in his garden is made from human manure.

image source, BBC World


Frantz Francois uses human waste compost in his garden.

«At first, people said that they were not going to eat anything from this garden because it grows with fertilizer that comes from the toilet,» he says, sitting in the place where he now teaches dozens of children and young people how to make an urban garden every day.

Things managed to change when they got their first harvest. Some members of her community saw the carrots, peppers and calalou – an edible plant native to the Caribbean used to make soups – and spread the word. Little by little, the neighbors were approaching their garden and trying the vegetables.