• Mié. Oct 4th, 2023

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The smart clothes that can save your life

PorSam Miller

Ene 1, 2023

image source, BIOSERENITY


The Wemu project t-shirt and hat are designed to detect epileptic seizures.

When clothes are not just for dressing. In principle, it takes care of our health by protecting us from the elements, but several inventors hope that the benefits are much greater. Several prototypes of «smart clothing», with incorporated technology, claim to be able to detect diseases in time to be treated, such as cancer or epilepsy.

In Ancient Greece they called it «the sacred disease.» Epilepsy affects 50 million worldwide and is the most common serious mental disorder, according to the World Health Organization.

Diagnosing it, however, is not easy.

To do this, a seizure must be recorded when the patient is connected to a machine that performs electroencephalograms, a non-invasive test that allows the study of brain electrical activity.