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The mystery behind the fainting of 200 girls in Colombia


Dic 31, 2022

image source, THE HERALD


Fainting is one of the reactions suffered by 200 girls from El Carmen de Bolívar.

In the last 12 days, doctors in El Carmen de Bolívar, a mountainous city in northern Colombia, have treated 200 girls with common symptoms: fainting, dizziness, headache, numbness and tingling in various parts of the body. What triggered the reactions is still a mystery.

They have not been the first with a similar condition to arrive at the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Hospital.

According to the mayor of the town, Francisco Vega, a total of 276 cases have been registered since the middle of the year. All adolescents and most of the students of the Espíritu Santo school.

However, Colombian Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria spoke Thursday of 246 girls with «bizarre symptoms.»