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The most viral videos of Neomotor


Dic 29, 2022

Social networks have become part of society and, finally, of the main industries, brands and media. Find a way to inform the population, through the various existing platformsis the goal of Grupo Prensa Ibérica and also Neomotor. With that intention, this year we started new tiktok accounts and strengthen our relationship with Instagram users, both very visual networks, changing and close to the youngest consumer. This bet has left us a list of the most viral videos of Neomotor during this 2022.

Following the news and reporting, truthfully and objectively, is part of our day to day, as is connecting with the most active user. Thanks to our relevance as a specialized medium in the automotive industry, two wheels and mobility, we can be there and show the latest developments in the sector. The Technology has undoubtedly been one of the most viral elements of our platforms, along with electrification and video evidence in reels or Tiktok video format. We show them below.

On Instagram, the three most viewed videos refer to the screens and the infotainment system of models such as the Peugeot 308 (2.1 million views)the Nissan Ariya (2.8 million) and the BYD Han (1.1 million)one of the models that will soon land in Spain.

However, you also like to know more and the tests or brief contacts have been most interesting. The fourth most watched video of the year is in the Milan Salon (EICMA 2022) and with the iconic Transalp, a model with a lot of history and that promises to be a sales success due to its design, motorization and a height from the ground for all types of bikers. This video has accumulated a total of 426 thousand views this year.

Electrification is a recurring theme on this portal, as it is on our social media accounts as well. Despite the difficulties presented by the transition in Spain, the fifth most viewed reels on Instagram in 2022 is about the Volkswagen ID.Buzz (more than 200 thousand views). The reinterpretation of the classic Bulli, converted into a 100% electric commercial model, has aroused their attention.

Curious is, to say the least, the motorhome that ranks sixth in the ranking of the most viral videos on Instagram in Neomotor. The Hymer Venture S is an Overland (more than 500 thousand views), so you can travel with it to the ends of the earth without giving up the luxury, comfort and habitability of a house on wheels. Of course, you will only do it if you have a very good purchasing power.

The last one to reach over a million views is the polestar 2, His arrival in Spain presented great expectations and during the first contact in Madrid we were able to attest to this. With a total of 1.2 million views, this 100% electric model closes the list of the most viewed on Instagram.

New on Tiktok and viral with information

Since the covid-19 appeared in our lives, Tiktok seized the power of time no minutes. Any user of this social network will understand what I am talking about, since it is very easy to know when you access your account, but never when you are going to stop watching videos, one after another. Speed, interaction and challenges have become the pillars of Tiktok’s success, the current reference for younger and one of the most virgin by the automotive industry.

Since June, the date on which they opted to also communicate on this platform, we have accumulated more than 6 million views, including all kinds of videos. The most viewed video, by far, is the one in which we show you the trick to be able to raise a BMW R 1250 GS (3.3 million views) without having to be a very strong person.

The same video follows Peugeot 308 and its i-Cockpit (1.5 million), which debuts the i-Toggles configuration as a quick menu. In third position we find a comparison on the heights with respect to the ground of the Yamaha MT-07 and the Honda CB 650 R (1.2 million).

Fourthly, and not least because of its recent incorporation, an explanatory video on the entry into force of the Low Emission Zones (625.6 thousand) And what does that mean for the Spanish car fleet. The podium closes the presentation of the Cupra Urban Rebel (336.9 thousand), a prototype that shows the design line and ideas that the firm has for its electric futures.


  1. polar star 2: 172.2K
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  3. Maserati Grecale:159.8K
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  5. Height of the Honda Transalp:148.5K
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  7. Hymer company S: 121K
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  9. whatHow to Disconnect Driving Aids in a BMW?: 104.8K
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