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The love of a father that led to the creation of a bionic pancreas


Dic 31, 2022


Christopher Herndon, one of the teenagers who tried the bionic pancreas, said it changed his life.

When his son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just 11 months old, Dr. Ed Damiano embarked on a relentless personal fight.

The expert in biomechanical engineering from Boston University, in the United States, will determine a very clear goal: to develop a device to improve the quality of life of patients with this chronic condition and achieve it before his son David enters university. .


Ed Damiano created a device for himself and made it available before his son went to college.

Today, 13 years after his pediatrician wife discovered the boy, the so-called «bionic pancras» developed by Damiano and his colleagues is already being tested in adolescents and children.

The device uses a smartphone to monitor blood sugar or glucose levels and a pump mechanism that automatically subcutaneously delivers the necessary amount of hormones into the patient’s bloodstream.