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The human papilloma virus and the discord vaccine

PorSam Miller

Ene 1, 2023

Girl getting vaccinated.

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Experts question the effectiveness and appropriateness of the vaccine.

«What justification is there to pay the price of a serious adverse reaction, in girls with their whole lives ahead of them, to prevent a hypothetical cancer after 30 years?» asks Alicia Capilla, the president of the Association of People Affected by Papilloma vaccine (AAVP).

The Spanish organization publicly linked this week the treatment against the virus associated with cervical cancer – the human papilloma virus (HPV) – with the death of three girls in the country.

However, the position of the highest health authority is clear. «The WHO recommends that countries consider HPV vaccination when the incidence of the disease is high and when the vaccine is profitable and its application affordable and sustainable,» the organization remarked to BBC Mundo.

His position has been firm since 2009, when he made his position public through a statement. The only thing that has changed since then is the suggested dosage.