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The cheapest motorcycles in Colombia in 2023 – Personal Finance – Economy

PorSam Miller

Jul 24, 2023

Having a new motorcycle is the dream of many families in Colombia and although it is common to see exorbitant prices on the latest models, there are vehicles of this type that, in addition to being cheap, compared to their competition, they can allow you additional savings in your pocket, because they are low cylinder and pay less taxes. Here we have the cheapest characteristics, according to the virtual magazine El Carro Colombiano.

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1. Victory One ST 100: $4,999,999

According to the ranking of the portal, this vehicle produced by Auteco Mobility is, next to the ST 110, the cheapest motorcycle in the country, with a cost of around 4,999,999 pesos on the dealer’s official website.

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It has a low cylinder engine, with 97 cubic centimeters (cc). In addition, it has a power of 7.4 horsepower (HP) and a maximum torque of 7.5 Nm @ 6,000 rpm, which makes it an ideal option, which reaches up to 1,000 kilometers per tank, for day-to-day driving.


2. Victory One ST 110: $4,999,999

Occupying second place in the ranking, the Victory One ST 110, also produced by Auteco, opens its place among the cheapest in the country. According to the portal, this is the most powerful variant in the Victory One family, since It has a single-cylinder 4T engine, with a displacement that reaches 109 cc, 8 horsepower and a maximum torque of 8 Nm @ 6,500rpm.

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It should be noted that this model also has a digital dashboard, front disc brake, alarm blade wheels, electric ignition and euro 3 technology, more friendly to the environment. On the official website of Auteco Mobility it can be found at a price of 4,999,000 pesos, without registration fees.

3. Cargo Victory One ST 100: $5,199,000

In third place, a member of the Victory One family is again located: the ST 100 Cargo, a model that stands out for its wide grill to add load and increase the available space of the vehicle.

It has a single-cylinder 4T engine with a displacement of 99.9 cc. To this is added its power of 7.4 horsepower @ 7,500 rpm with a maximum torque that reaches 7.5 Nm @ 6,000 rpmwhich gives it enough capacity to perform adequately on a day-to-day basis.

Auteco markets it for youn value of 5’199,000 pesos without registration fees and like its sisters, it has euro 3 technology and electric ignition, however, the dashboard is analog.

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4. AKT Special 100: $5,290,000

Also known as the AK 100 NV, according to El Carro Colombiano it is the cheapest semi-automatic in the country. It is light, versatile, has an analog board, USB charger, grill and a mono motor cylinder SOHC.

Its power is not far behind, as it reaches 6.57 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, has a 99 cc cylinder and offers a maximum torque of 7.1 NM at 5,500 rpm. In the official AKT portal, it is priced at 5,290,000 pesos and in color variations in black, black with red and black with green.

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5. Victory 125 Bomber: $5,349,000

To finish the ranking, the Victory Bomber 125, which has an approximate cost of 5’349,000 pesos in Auteco Mobility.

This model with a 124 cc cylinder and a power of 10.72 horsepower, offers more than enough autonomy for those looking to save a little more money. The bomber also it has a maximum torque of 9 Nm @ 7500 rpm, USB connection, front disc brake and an analog dashboard.


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