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Soccer, as dangerous for the brain as American football?


Dic 30, 2022
  • jaime gonzalez
  • BBC World, Los Angeles, @bbc_gonzalez

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A group of soccer players and mothers of players sued FIFA in the US.

They have acted «negligently» and have not done enough.

This is the position of a group of soccer players and mothers of players who at the end of August sued FIFA and several of its associates in the United States in a California court, such as the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO, for its acronym in Spanish). in English).

They demand that the safety conditions in which soccer is practiced in the children’s and youth categories be improved and they ask to limit the hitting of the ball with the head.

The lawsuit added to the strong criticism that FIFA received during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in which several soccer players were allowed to continue playing despite suffering the effects of concussion.