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Rodrigo de Paul: they denounce that Camila Homs accused Tini Stoessel – International Football – Sports


Dic 29, 2022

camila homs to the eye of the storm after another scandal came to light that linked her directly to Martina ‘Tini’ Stoessel and Rodrigo DePaul.

As stated in the program «A la Tarde» (America), the model recommended that the singer has her blocked from her cell phone and that she cannot send him messages. This, due to an alleged cyber bullying.

They denounce De Paul’s girlfriend as being harassed

The soccer player explained to the public why he loves Tini.


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One of the journalists that make up the panel of the aforementioned evening program that Homs observed her current relationship with De Paul and Tini. It was there that it was reported that the singer would have blocked her from her cell phone, with the intention of avoid receiving calls and messages from the model.

“She tells me that it is real that she has been blocked by the other party. But at the same time she is not going to want to show what the dialogue was because she would be very badly off in that round trip. I felt her at some point as tired, like when a situation overwhelmed you. Overflowing but not bad, with a lot of patience. I admire the patience that she has”recounted ‘Pochi’, panelist of the cycle.

In tune with the conflict, days before, the panelist and lawyer Roberto Cazorla said: “What would have happened is that what started innocently with a finger did not end there. It began to escalate, text messages, WhatsApp and social networks appeared, and Tini would have blocked Camila for this situation.

Given this striking behavior on the part of the model towards the singer, the rest of the journalists present indicated that De Paul’s current girlfriend could sue her for alleged harassment.

In addition, he will highlight that a person close to both of them confided this information to him: «I would define it as a model of harassment because until you have the reality of the situation in the criminal sphere, you can call the crime that is being carried out in this way.» out Camila Homs against Tini and De Paul. The texts that Francesca and Bautista’s mother would send to Tini are irreproducible.

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Controversy in the relationship

After the food support agreement that Homs and De Paul sealed after an extensive media confrontation, before going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the world champion affirmed the regulations as well as the legal days to be able to share them with their children. Despite the cruelty of both, the relationship ended in good spirits. Everything until Francesca appeared in one of the last recitals that Tini offered at the Campo Argentino de Polo. From that moment the model changed her mind.

From the television program they detailed that Homs prohibited their daughter’s face from being made public, something that would have been broken with the presence of Francesca with her father and Tini last week. As a result of this, the model extracted her Instagram account to send a series of messages that could be intended for the couple.

Likewise, the journalist and owner of the entertainment account @Gossipeame added: “Camila has many behaviors from the couple that she would not like, that would make her very outraged. And that’s why all these threats that she could count these behaviors”.

Despite the criticism and circulating rumors, days ago De Paul went to the Puerto Madero commune and visited his children Bautista and Francesca, without addressing the press.


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