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Quetame: this is the Aerocivil plan to avoid speculation with air tickets – Sectors – Economy

PorSam Miller

Jul 19, 2023

In order to guarantee the mobilization of passengers, cargo and mail to and from the Eastern Plains affected by the closure of the road, after the collapse in Quetame, Civil Aeronautics activated a solidarity airlift, while the road corridor remains closedoy in this way meet the connectivity needs of the affected populations.

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The Civil Aeronautics that informed, as of now and until normality is restored in the land service by the road to the plain, companies may carry out additional flights, charter flights or series of flights to and from the Vanguardia Airport, which provides its services to the city of Villavicencio.

He also said that establishing a plan of monitoring and surveillance to avoid disproportionate increases in air ticket fares.

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In addition, Aerocivil authorized the air operators Satena, EasyFly and Searca to increase the operating frequencies to and from the Villavicencio Airport. Other airlines are considering making similar decisions based on their operating capabilities.

Similarly, the Aeronautics said that it will facilitate the extension of the operating hours of the Vanguardia Airport, if necessary.

Faced with this complex situation, the entity had travelers establish contact with the airlines to learn first-hand about the conditions on schedules and rates offered.

It also invited users to report to the Superintendence of Transportation if there are disproportionate increases in rates or failures in the provision of the service.