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Own goal in the BetPlay League: Envigado footballer receives threats after the last date – Colombian Soccer – Sports


May 18, 2023

Envigado FC was eliminated in the initial phase of the League by adding 20 points in the same number of games. In the end, the young promising team from Antioquia had a regular campaign, which left them in 16th place in the table. However, the orange team was one of the protagonists of the last date of the regular phase, as they lost 2-1 with Pasto with a goal against that gave the classification to home runs to the Nariño team, eliminating Junior from Barranquilla.

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Surely, the young Jhon Banguera, author of the own goal of the pastuso victory, has been singled out for the action and on social networks they have questioned his mistake. And, as announced by his coach, Alberto Suárez, Banguera and his family are being threatened.

They threaten an own goal player

“Envigado did not eliminate anyone, each one did it for their performance in the semester, they did not do their homework. Respect the boy, they are putting out some horrible memes. We live in a violent country and more violence cannot be generated”, commented Alberto Suárez, in ‘Blog Deportivo’, of ‘Blu Radio’, about the current state of Banguera and the controversy.

The coach helpedIt’s complex, because it’s not just Banguera, it’s the mom, dad, and brother who came to be threatened. They are threatening you in an unreasonable way. I told him to be calm, that you don’t have to read things, but you don’t have to isolate yourself either because this is part of the game and there is a chance that this will happen.

“The inexperienced is more wrong than the expert. Understand that he is left-handed and arrived with the profile on the right, with the ball in front and him looking at the goal. The only option he had was to protect the ball and for the goalkeeper to arrive, but that is a matter of two seconds, ”added coach Suárez.

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