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Neymar, center of controversy, partying while Pelé was buried, video – International Football – Sports

PorSam Miller

Ene 3, 2023

is Brazil no one disputes that Pele He was the «king» of football, but only a few active and retired players have attended his wake between Monday and Tuesday to say goodbye.

the world cup Zé Roberto, A member of the 1998 and 2006 teams and a former Santos player, he was one of the few who attended the funeral chapel. He even carried the coffin to position it in the center of the field of the stadium. Villa Belmirofrom the city of Santos, where the wake was used, which appeared 24 hours.

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They also attended the funeral mauro silva, as Vice President of the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF), and Paulo Roberto Falcao, who, in addition to playing in the 1982 World Cup, directed Pelé as coach in a friendly match played in 1990, when Pelé had been retired for 16 years.

A delegation from the Santos squad, the club’s complete U20 team, as well as old glories of the team, among them, also paraded before the coffin. Careca, Elano, Serginho Chulapa or Clodoaldo.

But the absences of other old glories of the Brazilian team were notable, since Pelé’s teammates did not appear in the 1970 World Cup, nor did the champions of the 1994 or 2002 editions.

Romario and Ronaldo they sent flower crowns, as did all the clubs in the first division of Brazil without exception.


neymar, star of the Brazilian team and heir to Pelé’s number 10 at Santos, he also did not travel to Brazil from Paris, where he is training with PSG these days, and asked his father to represent him at the wake.

However, he was the center of criticism, since he was seen in a video when he left at a party, something that was frowned upon.
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