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Millionaires vs. U. Católica: result and goals Copa Libertadores 2023 – International Soccer – Sports


Mar 2, 2023

Many times, a millionaires he was praised for his football, but punished for not getting the results. This Thursday, in El Campín, the team of alberto gamero He didn’t have a great night, but he did just enough to get up from a goal down, turn the score around and win 2-1 over Catholic University of Ecuador, to get into the third preliminary phase of the Libertadores Cup 2023. A very tough rival awaits him, Atlético Mineiro.

The first 10 minutes were an optical illusion. Millionaires came out with all the desire to try to come alive to his rival, who was surprised and got into his area. However, this enthusiasm was not accompanied by precision or efficiency, because the goalkeeper Cuero had no job.

Universidad Católica became emboldened. He realized that he could play with the clock and despair and began to gradually approach Álvaro Montero’s goal, although also without much efficiency.

Millionaires, in reality, only had one goal option in that first stage, and a very clear one: Elvis Perlaza’s cross, Leonardo Castro’s popcorn and goalkeeper Cuero’s save.

Universidad Católica, on the other hand, found the advantage after an innocent hand of Daniel Giraldo in the local area. Penalty more than clear that allowed him to ismael diaz scores 0-1, in minute 38.

Millionaires vs Catholic University


Nestor Gomez – WEATHER

The goal, curiously, brought more despair to the Ecuadorians, who were filled with yellow cards and who lost central defender Franklin Guerra for a double yellow at minute 44, after a blundering tackle against Elvis Perlaza.

With one less player, Universidad Católica sacrificed a midfielder to rearm the defense and Millonarios bet on a second attacker, Fernando Uribe, instead of Giraldo, who had a weak performance.

Millionaires vs Catholic University


Cesar Melgarejo – WEATHER

When Millonarios played worse, when Universidad Católica played more comfortably, Mackalister Silva, who had not appeared in the game so long, the lamp went on for him: he crossed it from left to right, found Óscar Cortés free to touch the center and there, leonardo castro faked to leave the goalkeeper on the road and tied the game, at 62 minutes.

With the tie, Millonarios found a little more space to attack and thus came the second blue goal, seven minutes after Castro’s goal. Once again, Cortés was the protagonist in a long run to the right. His cross was not precise, but he was lucky that the ball hit an opponent. From there he picked her up daniel catano to hook and then hang it up high.

Universidad Católica felt the effort of playing with one less player and had some bad moments, but at the end of the game it drew strength from where it did not have to force a draw and penalties. Millionaires gave up attacking in the last minutes and the game was a test for the hearts of 34,000 blue fans.

Millonarios has been in a game slump for three games, but this time he broke resolve to continue with life in the Copa Libertadores and get ready to face Atlético Mineiro. At least the goal of ensuring, at least, the group stage of the South American is already accomplished.

Jose Orlando Ascencio
sports deputy editor

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