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Lionel Messi: threatening message after attack on Antonela’s supermarket – International Football – Sports


Mar 2, 2023

Two men shot at a branch of the Único supermarket in Rosario, Santa Fe, a store owned by the family of Antonela Roccuzzo, the wife of Lionel Messi.

(In context: Serious attack against Antonela Roccuzzo’s family premises: they threaten Messi).

After getting off a motorcycle, the attackers began to shoot against the closed curtain of the place and left a message written with a pen on a yellowed piece of paper.

The message sows concern.

The threat pamphlet against Messi

Serious attack against Antonela Roccuzzo’s family premises: they threaten Messi.



“Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin [Pablo, el intendente de Rosario] He’s a drug dealer, he’s not going to take care of you»indicates the writing, which was done by hand and in capital letters.

The event occurred around 3.20 in the place called ‘Unico’, located at 2500 Lavalle Street, where at least 14 shots were fired and the note was found next to the casings.

«The criminal investigation agency and the shooting brigade are working,» Rosario Iván González, deputy head of Regional Unit II, explained about the case to Cadena 3, who tried to tone down the threat to the captain of the Argentine team, champion in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The Rosario official assured that more than an intimidating message, it is a strategy «to call her.» Even so, the concern is evident in the city.

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After the fact, the investigators found in the surroundings of the supermarket 12 pods served and 14 bullet impacts on the metal shutter. In addition, a person who claims to have witnessed what happened reported that he was sitting on the sidewalk of his property when he detected that two men on a motorcycle stopped in front of the business.

According to the information on the case, those responsible for the business had not received extortion in the hours prior to the shooting.

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