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Embarrassing fight in the NBA: Wagner ends unconscious


Dic 29, 2022

12/29/2022 at 11:02


A massive brawl between the Pistons and Magic can lead to harsh penalties

Wagner, German Orlando Magic, last unconscious after being hit by Hayes, Detroit

Once again, violence is sad news in the NBA. The meeting between the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic will be filmed for an embarrassing fight that ended with a grisly image, when Orlando’s German center Wagner was knocked unconscious for seconds after being punched by Detroit’s Hayes.

The sanctions may be historic after a new episode of violence in American professional basketball.

The second quarter was going on when the German center Moritz Wagner disputed a ball against Killian Hayesmoment in which he pushed his rival with his hip, sending the Detroit point guard against his own team’s bench.

There the tangana was unleashed by the entire Pistons bench, who jumped onto the track in search of the German. The fastest was Hamidou Diallo who, in defense of his teammate, pushed the pivot from behind. Something that was not the worst since, sSeconds later, Hayes himself attacked Wagner with a strong punch from behind that knocked out the Orlando pivot25 years old.

At that moment, many of the players from the two squads wanted to stop the blows and insults, but the match was interrupted for several minutes.

The three players involved, Hayes, Wagner and Diallo, were penalized by the referees with two flagrant fouls. Now the NBA is expected to act and there is already talk of a possible historical sanction for Hayes.