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Ebola deaths reach 2,622


Dic 30, 2022 , ,

image source, AFP


The country most affected by the Ebola epidemic is Liberia, where 1,459 people appeared.

The World Health Organization said more than 700 new Ebola cases were reported in West Africa in just one week and the epidemic is accelerating.

The new death toll is at least 2,622 and the one obtained increased to 5,335, of which 2,710 correspond only to Liberia, where 1,459 people died. Half of all infections developed in the last three weeks.

The second country where there are more accumulated cases is Sierra Leone, with 1,673, of which 562 have died, while in Guinea the cases so far total 942, with 601 deaths.

The WHO expressed alarm that efforts to stop the transmission of the virus have not worked and the number of cases continues to rise.