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Are the tolls fined for not implementing these electronic charges – Sectors – Economy

PorSam Miller

Jul 24, 2023

Six highway concessionaires were fined by the Superintendency of Industry and Transportation for failing to comply with the deadline stipulated to implement the electronic collection of tolls for their cargo, which expired on October 30. Due to said non-compliance with the norm BTS Concessionaire, Autopistas de la Sabana, Cartagena Road Concession, Montes de María Concession, Vial del Pacífico Concessionaire and Río Pamplonita Road Union, they will have to pay a sum of 152,000 million pesos.

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Ayda Lucy Ospina Arias, Superintendent of Transportation, the entity is accompanied by the concessions and the actors that must comply with the provisions of the regulations of the Ministry of Transportation, which were found as a maximum term until October 30 of last year for the authorization in the Interoperability System of Tolls with Vehicle Electronic Collection (IP / REV).

«The objective is to cover one hundred percent of the tolls that exist in our country, however, there are some operators that have not complied with the norm, for this reason we have initiated the corresponding investigations»insisted the official, who said that this attitude has generated to date six (6) sanctions and an administrative order, guaranteeing due process.

«I want to note that this System generates benefits for transportation logistics, as well as for drivers, as well as for transporters, for road safety and for the environment,» said the official.

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There are two more investigations that are closing the evidentiary stage and one that is in the testing stage.


Claudia Rubio. WEATHER Archive

In addition to sanctions, Supertransporte indicated that there are two more investigations that are closing the evidentiary phase and one that is in the testing phase.

Among the issues that are being analyzed by the Directorate of Investigations
of Concessions and Infrastructure associated with the Interoperability System of
Tolls with Vehicle Electronic Collection, the following are highlighted: those who, despite being authorized, have not implemented the electronic collection system, those that are not interoperating with the six (6) intermediaries and those that to date have not yet been enabled.

He also reiterated that the sanctioned concessionaires may file, within the term of the law, the appeal for replacement and, in subsidy, the appeal against the administrative decision. The foregoing, respecting the corresponding due process.