• Mar. Oct 3rd, 2023

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4-foot boa constrictor found in luggage at Tampa airport

PorSam Miller

Ene 6, 2023

Workers at the Tampa International Airport discovered a 4-foot boa constrictor inside a passenger’s luggage, authorities said Friday.

The coiled reptile was discovered as the luggage was going through an X-ray machine, the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement.

Images published by the agency. he showed the animal near a pair of shoes and what appeared to be a laptop.

A 4-foot boa constrictor was recently discovered in a passenger’s carry-on luggage at Tampa International Airport.TSA via Instagram

«Our officers at Tampa International Airport didn’t find it hysterical!» the agency said.

The agency He says routinely screens pets, but animals should never be placed in an X-ray machine. It’s up to the airline whether it will allow a pet on board, the agency says.

In 2019, a loose 15-inch ring-necked snake was discovered near a TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport when a passenger apparently left him behind, the agency said.

The year before, at Miami International Airport, TSA workers found a wrapped python in what appeared to be a sock that was hidden on a computer hard drive. The passenger, who was bound for Barbados, was fined and the snake confiscated.